| spark like a matchstick |

from by the|fire&fury

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Verse 1:
Yeah, let's go
In with a bang
Ready with the rope
Raising up the flag
Prove that the average can reach up and grab this
Speak with a madness, spark like a matchstick
Hold tight, people in the back
Both hands up, clap to the crack of the snare
Back with a passion to bear
Steady like the plan said
Stand with your fellow man
Work hard
Know you deserve this
Stick with a goal and if there's one thing you'll learn, it's
Don't stop, don't quit, don't sit and go get it
Put your heart and soul in it, yeah
Our time is fading, it's time for the waiting
To drop off the radar, as we vindicate our
Dreams like a chainsaw, cut off as they gnaw
At doubt, despair
Now shout and swear

We will never give up
Cuz we can spark like a matchstick
And sparks turn to fire
We'll never give up
Cuz we can spark like a matchstick
And sparks turn to fire

Verse 2:
So let's head back to a bad place
Packed with a pitch black grace to face
Every little fear
Equipped to tweak this peak technique
And beat this weakness
Yeah, I'm always speakin' in a reckless way
Only sleepless when I'm sleepin' on a restless day
Only freedom I believe in is the reason
I've been keeping up at night and making beats instead of dreaming
Hey, so let's bank on the worst odds
Yeah, stand up for the underdog
Let's take, every little darkness
Light it with a spark, burn brighter than the sun
It's our time to raise up and flip this
Match lights, blaze with a witness
That's right, taking's a business
So disturbed, down with the sickness

It starts with
A little bit of movement
Little bit of progress
Little revolution
Dirty with a bruise, yet flirtin' with a new grit
Workin' with a new bit, alertin' all the troops, yeah
Light it up, little sparks little fire
It'll fume up and burn a little brighter
All I need is a room to ignite, yeah
Spark like a matchstick, up like a lighter


from | beats | voices | & | loud noises |, released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved


the|fire&fury Minnesota

beats. voices. loud noises. hip hop/rock band from the land of Minnesota.

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